Subject Re: RES: [firebird-support] Version number
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:50 AM 22/11/2012, Ann Harrison wrote:
>On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 9:19 AM, Stefan Heymann <lists@...>wrote:
>> GSTAT -h will tell you the On-Disk Structure (ODS) version. AFAIK
>> there is no way to tell what Firebird (point release) version was used
>> to initially create the database.
>Since there is no difference between databases created by different
>versions except in the ODS, the version doesn't make much difference.

Normally, no. But I suspect this thread might be concerned with the problem that happened with compound indexes in v.2.5.1, that was corrected in 2.5.2. If you had a database with compound indexes that was created or restored to 2.5.1 you need to do either a full restore or at least a rebuild of compound indexes in 2.5.2. Created or restored under 2.5.0 or prior, no problem.

AFAIK, the only way you can determine that is by checking the creation date with gstat -h and knowing the FB version that was running at the time.