Subject Re: Load Balancing and Failover configuration for Firebird server
Author mariuz
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> hello,
> We have been using Firebird since it became Opensource. We have done many lan Based projects with it and have enjoyed great success.
> Now we are doing a Big web application where scaling, HA and failover capabilities are to be implemented. Its a Flex, Spring, myBatis Firebird stack using Tomcat as Application server. Database is being replicated to Backup Server with help of Symmetric DS for backup purpose as well to isolate Interactive application from High Processing/Reporting Application. These applications are using backup database in Read Only mode. For HA and scalability we plan to use Tomcat Clustering and HA Proxy for Load balancing.
> Now Only part remaining is Scalability and HA for main database. So far till date in Lan environments Firebird has proved to be Most Reliable and Highly Available in very adverse conditions like frequent power outages, we have not noticed a single event of database corruption. But things are different in this project, client appointed expert is demanding clustering kind of setup for database server too.
> So Firebird experts please guide us with possible alternatives for this scenario. As far as we are concerned we would like to stick to Firebird since it has conquered our trust.

Firebird HA can be achievied today with replication and
using a heartbeat like in the Linux-HA project

Scaling firebird to work on multiple machines and to distribute the load (CPU+IO
read/writes) it is possible only if you create a smart proxy that can distribute the reads and writes