Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Is windows better than Linux for Firebird 2.5 64 bit?
Author Lester Caine
W O wrote:
> And what about Ubuntu Server?
> What do you think, is it good for Firebird or not?

Since the core stuff is the same on all distros 'which is better' is somewhat
academic. I'm running a number of machines 'command line only' over ssh at
remote sites so the bulk of the differences with desktop set-up do not apply.
Some of the machines I've never seen except over the wire and I'd rather than
Linux in that case.

It *IS* all just a matter of what else you need to run. In my case the latest
Apache and PHP are not currently supported on a stock SUSE set-up, so I'm
switching newer machines to Fedora 17 which does. Firebird has a little better
support on both so if you don't need the rest it's not so critical. Ubuntu is
another base that is still on the last major release of Apache and PHP.

No doubt someone will say 'Manually install', but this introduces a lot of other
problems when the distro has 'it's own way of working' even Firebird files end
up in different places and can pick up old versions if they are not removed
properly. The comment that 'there are more pitfalls' is perfectly correct, but
at least managing them is somewhat easier than tracking a dodgy update on Windows ;)

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