Subject RE: [firebird-support] 2.5.2 release
Author Leyne, Sean
> Got a msg from SourceForge this morning advising that the 2.5.2 release is
> out - wonderful! But can't find anything related to a "What's New" document
> on FirbirdSQL. In fact the website doesn't even show that 2.5.2 is the latest
> release so maybe just need to given Helen a few more days.
> But I am very keen to see if a particular problem we had in 2.5.1 has been
> fixed in 2.5.2. The problem we hit was so big (to us) that we decided to stay
> in the 2.1.x branch for now, but eager to take advantage of what 2.5.x brings
> to the table.

The details of the are still being deployed to various mirrors. It should be just a few more hours.

The list of fixes will be the same as in the 2.5.2 RC release notes, so you didn't need to wait for the final release to know if a fix was available for your issue. (something to keep in mind for the next time)