Subject Re: Using FB 2.5.1 32bit on 64bit Windows
Author patrick_marten

thank you for your reply.

> > currently my application is using FB 2.1.3, which was available as a 32bit version only. It works also on 64bit machines without any problems as far as I know. I'm considering a change to FB 2.5.1, which is available as 32bit and 64bit version.
> >
> > I assume FB 2.5.1 32bit will work on 64bit machines as well - please correct me if I'm wrong, but will there be any (serious) disadvantages in doing so, so that I should extend my setup script and install either the 32bit or the 64bit FB files, depending on the bitness of the customer's machine?
> A 32 bit Firebird will work on Windows 64 bit. The only downside that
> you can't use all memory available because a 32 bit process is limited
> to 2GB, and you might need to account for the fact that it is installed
> in Program Files (x86) instead of Program Files (although I seem to
> remember that is transparent to 32 bit applications).

What seems to be problematical is: if I create a database on a 64bit system with FB 2.5.1 64bit installed and then use it on a 32bit system with FB 2.5.1 32bit installed, this error occurs: and also partly strange behaviour with some very slow operations (queries, updeate scripts, ...)

So apparently it's not only different Firebird versions, which may cause trouble, but also the bitness like in my case. Is that correct?

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