Subject Re: [firebird-support] Is our FB 2.5 Db corrupted ?
Author Vander Clock Stephane
is it FB 2.5 or fb 2.5.1 ?
because in 2.5.0 i also have this kind of problem on the index (corrupt
all the time)
the 2.5.1 now work like a charm :)

try gfix if you have the time to see if the index are corrupted

also commitretaining not so good ...

On 1/30/2012 2:51 PM, Colin wrote:
> We have a 5GB Database FB2.5 Win2008 Server 4 Core M/C, 143 tables,
> problem with table INV 48K Records
> When everyone logs off and then log on, access to INV is slow for the
> last 7K Records. If we fetch all, it takes forever, but eventually can
> log off and log on again and all is ok. Same is OK if we set all
> indexes ACTIVE (takes 4 hours for this table), or do a backup. Also if
> we sweep. this takes the same or more time.
> Questions:
> If we backup and restore the database is like new? data exported and
> then reloaded into a copied schema? This seems to work.
> Can sweep occur if the database has connections, but no activity? If
> it did, then we would not get all the sweep operations stacked up.
> Why does sweep (or the slow backup) take so long and if so, why is
> there no cpu load? I would have thought that the CPU would have been busy.
> In the app - one transaction and all datasets/queries/procedures are
> commitretaining.
> And, and why always this table - treated much the same as other tables.
> Are there special settings for the database connection? and how can we
> know that this might happen (so we could backup and restore before the
> last user logged out)?
> Lawrence

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