Subject Re: Access a Firebird database on another LAN Computer
Author karolbieniaszewski
--- In, "chervenokos" <chervenokos@...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to connect a Firebird database, that is located on another LAN computer via my Delphi-programm. When tha database is on the same computer, there is no problem and the the Delphi-programm connects successfuly and the programm works fine.
> I do try the following syntax for LAN-connection:
> but the connection fails ..
> Please help me about the syntax. Tanks!

Syntax is ok.
But what error you get when you try to connect?
Time out? If yes:
You must enable 3050 port in firewall

And what driver you use?
If standard Delphi driver for Interbase - then what version of Delphi
because in some version driver have disabled possibility to remote connections

Karol Bieniaszewski