Subject RE: [firebird-support] performance - number of databases?
Author Manzano Vázquez, Mario
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> Manzano Vázquez, Mario wrote:
>> We are working on a system with a hundred of small databases, periodically the system creates new ones. We have detected problems (firebird errors) while creating new ones after some days of working but it only occurs in desktop computers not too powerful. The same system working on a xeon server runs correctly.
>> Is there any relation between number of databases and the minimum requirements of the computer?
> Only in relation to perhaps the number of databases actually open at any one
> time. How many are likely to be open? What version of Firebird? How much memory
> on the smaller machines ... windows? What are the errors?

Manzano Vázquez, Mario wrote:
>> Sometimes about 70 new databases are sequentially created... The smaller machines are W7 or WXP Core 2 Duo with 2 Gb RAM, using firebird 2.5.1. Error is 335544333 (consistency?).


Maybe, we will check. Thanks

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