Subject Re: [firebird-support] parrallel update
Author Vander Clock Stephane
> Changing the entire sql statement 100000 times like your example do
> takes a considerable amount of time. The easiest way for you to speed
> things up would be to use parameters, prepare once and execute 100000
> times, i.e. something like (using IBO and Pascal since that is what I
> use):
> TIB_DSQL1.SQL.Add('insert Into Table_A(ID) VALUES(:MyParam)');
> TIB_DSQL1.Prepare;
> for I:=1 to 100000 do
> begin
> TIB_DSQL1.Params[0].AsString:='<#randomchar>';
> TIB_DSQL1.Execute;
> end;
> Or is this what you're already doing, just that your example was
> simplified?
> HTH,
> Set

yes, of course parametized queries will be more fast, but i don't think
they will change the ratio in the test (it's will simply be more fast
for both variantes)

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