Subject Re: [firebird-support] broken - pipe
Author Milan Babuskov
pluto.pippo66 wrote:
> I wrote an application in C + + slackware distro of Linux system,
> valid if the select is about 170,000, shame about half goes to
> error.

Which C++ library, IBPP?

> Unable to complete network request to host "localhost".
> -Error writing data to the connection.
> -Broken pipe

Most probably a bug in Firebird that made the engine crash. I haven't
used 2.5 much, but I know of some in 2.1 that did this.

You should log your SQL statmenets to capture the one that causes this.

If you use IBPP it's easy to add application-level logging to IBPP's
IStatement class because all SQL is routed through it. For example,
adding this to start of StatementImpl::Prepare() function in
statement.cpp does the job for me most of the time:

--------------------------- statement.cpp ----------
void StatementImpl::Prepare(const std::string& sql)
printf("%s\n", sql.c_str());

Since it uses standard C++ you can use simple C++ streams to capture
stuff like parameters as well (take a look at row.cpp file).


Milan Babuskov

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