Subject Re: [firebird-support] parrallel update
Author Ann Harrison

> I want to do simultaneous these update :
> Update table1 ...
> Update table2 ...
> etc...
> Update tablen ...
> the table1, table2, ... tableN are not connected in any way
> now i can do these update in parallel using n connections, but
> i would to avoid using n connection (mean start n transaction, etc...)

Sorry for the dumb question, but why do you want to do those
operations in parallel? The SuperServer runs only one thread at a
time, ties a connection to an thread, and uses only one processor. Do
you think it will be faster interweaving n commands than running the
operations sequentially? And of course, the classic architecture has
the same general limitations, except there is a process per

> is their any way to execute theses n update in parallele inside one
> connection and one transaction ?


Good luck,