Subject Re: [firebird-support] Hiow to corrupt a Firebird database
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Hi !

Em 17/1/2012 09:44, Maya Opperman escreveu:
> Hi,
> I was under the impression that copying a database that is currently in use can cause a corruption because windows xcopy might deny the Firebird server access to that file momentarily. I was looking for an official statement on this for a customer of mine and found this:
> but it doesn't include the copying/zipping of a live database. Is the documentation out of date, or is it not an issue any more?

If it doen't corrupt the database because of some kind of locking it
will almost certainly generate a corrupted copy, because the pages
already copied could be modified to point to pages at the end of the
file... Copying a live databse IS NOT an option... If you wish to copy,
you should first lock the database using NBAK. Read NBAK docs to know
more about it.


use gbak to "dump" the database contents to a back-up file.

> Regards
> Maya
> PS. Similarly, in the past, I have also been advise to keep connection strings exactly the same from all client connections, but I can't see anything on that either

It was an issue on earlier versions of FB, don't recall when it was
"fixed" but if you use 1.5 or later I don't think you will have any kind
of problem...

see you !