Subject Re: [firebird-support] Why write async is bad ?
Author Ann Harrison

> when i setup write async to true, it's mean the the database will store
> in memory the write and after several update (5 by default?) all the write will be flush to
> the disk.

Firebird's internal consistency depends on "careful write" - Firebird
writes database pages in a specific order to avoid dangling pointers.
Asynchronous writes are done in the order that the operating system
finds convenient. That is not a good idea. If you have a system
crash, the database on disk is likely to be corrupt and difficult, if
not impossible to recover.
> The main drawback, is that all the write are flush to the disk using the
> current connection thread :(

No, I wouldn't consider that the main drawback. Potentially
irrecoverable corruption is a pretty serious drawback.

> i was thinking that it's a separate thread that was responsible to flush
> to disk :( or i m wrong?

Is it wrong to live dangerously? Maybe so, maybe not.

Good luck,