Subject Re: [firebird-support] UTF8 in firebird ?
Author Michael Ludwig
Vander Clock Stephane schrieb am 06.01.2012 um 14:50 (+0400):

> > No it isn't possible. You could attempt to store unicode
> > codepoints in ISO-8859-1 by inventing your own encoding,
> >
> not inventing my own encoding ! simply store in iso8859_1 the
> code point (1 UTF8 code point = 1 bytes)

There's no such thing as "UTF-8 codepoints". They're *Unicode*
codepoints. The difference is between character répertoire and
encoding algorithm.

Character répertoires are about characters: encoding schemes are
about bytes (octets).

I think you're talking about raw UTF-8 bytes; as other have
suggested, you should be using CHARACTER SET OCTETS. Which
means no characters, just bytes (octets).

> where you see that some bytes are forbidden in ISO8859_1 ?
> firebird never complain about it !

Then it could be said this is a bug, like here:

Michael Ludwig