Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Problem with UDF when migrating from 2.1 to 2.5
Author Marcin Bury

W dniu 06.01.2012 22:06, Dmitry Kuzmenko pisze:
> Hello, Marcin!
> Friday, January 6, 2012, 11:20:51 PM, you wrote:
> MB> dll is only the name, I know the difference ;-). This is third party
> MB> application, that can be installed with linux or win version of
> MB> firebird, so the producer decided to use common names and provided the
> MB> libraries with proper names.
> Are you sure that third party programmers correctly rewrote
> windows FreeUDFLib to Linux? As I know, there is some kind of
> subset of FreeUDFLib, ported to C and thus compilable on Linux.

Yes, I'm 100% sure - I have FB 2.1 with these libraries up and running.
I have new hardware for FB 2.5, so now I have two servers that I can

> But, original FreeUDFLib had some problems, at least with blobs,
> and with allocating memory not with ib_util.
> I rewrote windows version myself at 2003.
> MB> They work in 2.1, gbak restored the database with them, but the SPs that
> MB> use functions from them don't work
> gbak does not check dlls or so files. It just backups and restores
> metadata. Even if you deleted udf files, database will still pass
> backup/restore. But any function call from the missing udf will result
> error message like you see.

Does restore process compile procedures? I hardly remember, but probably
I had not been able to restore database without UDF libraries... So
first thing I did was copying UDF files from old machine to new one.

> Also such error message can be caused by some non-existing files that
> udf library want to use.

This might be the issue. Libraries are quite old - compiled 5-6 years
ago. Function cannot be executed due to missing other libraries and the
result (message) is the same as missing library file itselt...

> I know how to check this on Windows, but don't know how to do
> this (check so dependencies) on Linux.
Can someone else provide some clue how to check this on linux...