Subject Re: Installing Firebird on a Buffalo Linkstation running Debian 4.0
Author mariuz
--- In, philippe makowski <makowski@...> wrote:
> ddeham [2012-01-06 00:09] :
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm trying to setup a GoPDM server on a Buffalo Linkstation HD-H250LAN running FreeLink Linux (Debian 4.0, etch). Specifically, it's freelink_mipsel-hdhlan-060810 downloaded from here:
> >
> if it is Debian, then use Debian repository
> but Debian 4 is too old I guess
> I don't think that you can build Firebird 2.5 on this old Debian

I see that in 5.0 there is one firebird package for mips but not in 4.0
Maybe you can try to download the mips files for 5.0 and then try to install them with dpkg

To compile i would start with 2.1

Another way is upgrade to debian stable , I don't know if it works on that device , could you ask on their support