Subject Re: [firebird-support] Versioning Question
Author Tomasz Tyrakowski
W dniu 2012-01-03 21:58, Craig Cox pisze:
> I have written a number of Delphi applications that run on FB 1.5. I want to write new applications in, or migrate older ones to, FB 2.X. However, in the mean time I still need to be able to use and trouble shoot the legacy (FB 1.5) applications.
> Can different versions of the Firebird client coexist on the 'client' side?

Yes. Just place a proper versions of fbclient.dll (and dependency
libraries) in application's folder. It will take precedence over other
versions of the client installed system-wide.

> Can different versions of the Firebird server coexist on the server side?

That's more tricky and the answer mostly depends on whether they're
supposed to run in parallel, or you just need different FB setups and
will start only one of them at a time (that's what I do on my
development machine). In the former case, despite side-by-side
installation of different firebird distributions (there are some hints
how to do that on the net), you'll also have to bind different FB
servers to different TCP ports. How to do that depends also on the
operating system and the type of servers (Classic or SuperServer) you
plan to install (e.g. Classic on Linux will probably require
reconfiguration of inetd).


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