Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird backup automatically
Author Kjell Rilbe
Den 2012-01-03 09:58 skrev Mahesh Pratihari s�h�r:
> Hi,
> Could you please let me know how to take the backup in firebird
> automatically like sql server maintenance plan.

Just schedule a suitable bat file using Task Scheduler? You only need a
single gbak command in the bat file - the same you run manually. You
could use current date and/or time to name the backup file. This is mine
(slightly modified for brevity, put all of it on a single line):

"c:\program files\firebird\firebird_2_1\bin\gbak" "D:\MyData\DB.fdb"
"D:\MyBackups\DB %date% %time::=.%.fbk" -b -nt -password masterkey -user
sysdba -verify -y "C:\MyBackups\Log\DB %date% %time::=.%.log" -z

It will create a gbak backup in the D:\MyBackups folder and name the
backup file with the current timestamp. it will also write all output to
a log file with similar name in a Log subfolder.

The %time% environment variable contains colons, which are illegal in
filenames, so I use %time::=.% to replace those colons with dots. The
general syntax for such substitutions is

Good luck!

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