Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: corrupt database killing fbServer.exe when runing gfix
Author Ann Harrison
On Aug 22, 2011, at 12:25 PM, "emb_blaster" <EMB_Blaster@...> wrote:

>> True for SuperServer and SuperClassic in 2.5. Although, to validate a
>> database, you need exclusive access, thus no other connections to the
>> database are possible. So, if there is only this database under control
>> of the server, then it isn't that bad. ;-)
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>> Thomas Steinmaurer
> even "gfix -no_update" need exclusive access? I can't remember this...

Yes, it does because gfix validates the physical structure of the database and cannot cope with changes that other users cause. Answering the earlier question in this thread, when validating the database, gfix will correct any problems that it considers benign, like marking orphan pages as free for reuse. Orphaned pages are notmarked free in the Page Inventory Page, but are not part of a table, index, or internal structure.

Generally that is a good thing, but if for some reason you would rather have thpse pages back in the table from which they were accidentqlly released, then not so good. For general validation, allowing "benign" fixes is fine, but if you think the datqbase may be damaged, use -no_update.
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