Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded License
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:27 AM 24/08/2011, you wrote:
>We are planning to release a commercial product that uses the embedded version of Firebird 2.5. We have not modified any of the Firebird source code. After reading the Firebird license agreement it seems that this distribution is legal if we provide some wording stating that the end users can get the Firebird source code for free. Is there any special place this statement needs to appear and is there specific wording that I need to include?

If you're talking about the Windows version, you will find the files IPL.txt and IDPL.txt in the root directory of the binary kit. It is sufficient to include them, along with a link to the source code kit of the build you are installing (that's the 5-digit number included in the file name of the binary kit).

I have just noticed that these texts appear to be missing from the Linux kits and maybe also from the MacOS kits (I can't check). They should be there, so apparently some oversight has occurred at some point. We'll get that fixed for the 2.5.1 release but if you need them now for a Linux or MacOSX install, you can pick them up here: