Subject Re: Interbase 7.x crashing randomly
Author Jason
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> > Hi All - long time since I have posted here, been lurking though :-).
> > After reading this you may prefer I crawl back under my rock.
> > I have a number of sites running on verisions versions of IB 7.x.
> This is a Firebird Group ,
Aye, but historically it has attracted the best people from both camps :-).

> I would advice you to migrate from IB7.x to Firebird 2.5.x with a data pump like utility

I didn't think this was an option as I have seen some pretty awful SQL come past SQL monitoring. In FB 1.x things like ambiguous fields generated illegal SQL errors, are there settings to stop these errors - I can't change the APP / SQL.

I was still hoping to find someone who lives and breathes 7.x who can fill in some gaps. Happy to subcontract on this.