Subject Re: [firebird-support] Oldest transaction stuck - current state of replication?
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>> I can imagine that running a full backup/restore cycle on a 70GB
>> database needs a rather largish maintenance window, so the following
> is
>> a rather wild idea but might work, although I have to apologize for
> the
>> IB LogManager plug here:
> I appreciate your response. I actually have a (very old) license for
> IBLogManager.

Which is still valid for the current V2.11 release.

However, this sounds a lot like replication.

Right. In your case, you need uni-directional (master -> slave)
replication only. IB LogManager can do that.

Check out this 15 min. demo video:

I haven't
> followed that subject for quite some time. Do you happen to know what
> the current practices are for replication? Is IBReplicator the way to
> go, or is Fibre better?

I don't know Fibre. I know IBReplicator can replicate bi-directional and
beside Firebird and InterBase, it also supports Oracle. Don't know how
licensing works.

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