Subject RE: [firebird-support] Oldest transaction stuck
Author Bob Murdoch

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> Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Oldest transaction stuck
> > Database dialect 1
> > Creation date May 2, 2009 22:22:39
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> >The server has been rebooted a number of times since the database
> >last restored from a backup (which occurred more than a year ago).
> Actually, more than two years ago. Out of curiosity, why do you
still use dialect 1, when dialect 3 has been available since InterBase
6.0 (InterBase 6.0 was the > predecessor of Firebird)?

This database was actually first created under IB 5, before there was
a Dialect 3. It is on our drawing board to someday move to D3, but we
have no specific need for anything offered in that dialect at this
point. It remains on the back-back-back burner...


Bob M..