Subject Re: [firebird-support] User Account on MacOS
Author Lester Caine
Timothy J. Duncan wrote:
> Hi, I have a question about the "Firebird database" user account that appeared on my new MacBook Pro. From what type of application created this? Recently, I was trying to find a print driver and I downloaded a Fiery Print driver. Is it from that? Or, I was opening old files from my predecessor here at work, that were created on a PC. Could it be from one of those files? I do not think I ever downloaded the Firebird software at any time. Can I just delete the user account and be done with it? Please advise. Thank you, Tim
A number of applications use firebird as their database, so it's a little
difficult to speculate. Do you have a 'firebird' directory in /etc or
alternatively in /usr/lib(64) ... either of these may have an aliases.conf file
which will then point to the actual database file, and the name of the alias or
the file it's point at might help identify the application.

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