Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB database in RAM
Author Leyne, Sean

> Den 2011-08-03 14:25 skrev Kjell Rilbe såhär:
> > For performance reasons we're considering a setup where our 50+ Gbyte
> > Firebird database would reside on a RAM-disk.
> After the discussion here as well as a discussion between me and my
> partner and after getting some info on the cost of a server with 60+ Gbyte
> RAM, we are now aiming at a solution where only the relevant parts of our
> ~60 Gbyte database will be "published" to a separate and much smaller
> database that will be structured and indexed for optimal search
> performance. This smaller DB will be placed on SSD or RAM disk instead of
> the huge one.


> It's been an interesting discussion and I hope it will keep going a little while
> longer, e.g. regarding disk controllers with SSD cache.

Save yourself the "grief" of the whole separate database approach and simply go out and get a RAID controller which supports an SSD cache.

The controller will do, internally, exactly what you are trying to do via "fancy" processes.