Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Stumped on SQL Indexing/Bad Plan-ing
Author Steve Wiser
Interesting. Maybe it is slow because of the sorts with the returned blob
fields? Why don't you just make a stored procedure with a query
to return the primary keys of the tables you are interested in and inside
the for pull out the blobs and rest of the data?


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> **
> Here is some further info:
> I have been experimenting by eliminating JOINed tables, and fields that
> pull from tables in the JOIN.
> If I pull back only fields from s then the execution time is fast. As I add
> VARCHAR() fields from the JOINed tables, execution slows, but is still
> acceptable (< 2 seconds).
> However when I add BLOB SUB_TYPE 1 fields from the JOINed tables, it kills
> the response time... up to 9 seconds.
> Pulling back BLOB fields seems to be the hold up. However, I need those
> fields. Is there a way to make the blob fields in the query not so damaging
> to response time?
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