Subject Re: FB database in RAM
Author karolbieniaszewski
> So, does this mean that you can go online immediately after a reboot
> using the disk copy, while FB is at work copying data to a new RAM disk
> copy?
> Is this how it works:
> 1. Go online with the disk copy as primary and RAM copy as
> secondary/shadow. FB starts copying data to the RAM shadow...
> Performance will be as with a regular disk based database (or worse, due
> to the shadow copying being in progress).
> 2. When FB is done copying data the RAM shadow, you switch and make the
> RAM copy primary and the disk copy secondary/shadow. Performace is now
> lightning fast for selects, but inserts and updates still have to go to
> disk and are as slow as with a regular disk based database (or worse
> because it also has to work with the RAm copy).
> Kjell
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If i do the reeboot proces self then this look like this
before os shutdown i turn LAN off stop FB process copy database to hard disk. After reeboot i copy database back to ram disk and start FB and LAN.

I have not hard failture then i only test this scenario
i acctivate shadow (and recreate new one) and i am back to normal configuration

Karol Bieniaszewski