Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB database in RAM
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning Lester,

> My own data from sites is slowly growing and has 10+ years of history much of
> which will never be read again, but needs to be available, so I've started
> moving the historic stuff to a second database which is read only except for an
> 'archive' cycle perhaps once every 6 months. This can then take advantage of the
> read only mode and in my case a USB stick works as the off-line storage. That
> feels like the right way to develop things, but which might benefit from better
> 'cross database' facilities? With bulk data static on an SSD array, while the
> active stuff is in memory?

Sounds a bit like you are thinking of something like Oracle Tablespaces.
These are used to separate distinct sets of tables (and/or indices)
according to the needs of the application(s) running on that particular

Your setup sounds like it would benefit from a couple - active and
archive. You'd create the files for the active tables on read-write
media while the archive stuff would be created as read-write, but run
off the SSDs in read-only mode.

When creating a table, you simply add "tablespace <whatever>" to the
create table statement, and it will be created in the correct place.

I have no idea how easy/hard/sane it would be to add this sort of thing
to Firebird of course! ;-)


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