Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to pump data with criteria
Author eMeL
> >
> Looks like this could be a good choice but there is NO documentation and
> the "Buy it!" link fails. Seems to be a half-baked solution that never
> got off the ground. Perhaps the author should open source it so others
> can aid in the effort! It surely will generate no revenue in its present
> form.

Sorry, I wrote it a long time ago and it "discontinued"...

I started of develop because I was a problem but it run sometimes on
databases of my clients currently too.

- Create an empty database with same metadata of production database.
(gbak -M)
- You have to step by step select and fill pages of form, and go to
ready ;)

[It easy as wooden wedge.]

*** Ease use it as freeware. ***

I going to change classification of this to freeware.