Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: dbexpint.dll for Firebird 2.5
Author Maurizio P.
Than you ,

... so it means that for delphi7 + firebird 2.5 i need a third party component ,
there are any suggestion on which of them ?

and , most important , with the new connection component , how many changes do i need in source ,
actually I use tsqlconnection+tsqldataset+datasetprovider+clientadataset


Il Lun 01 Ago, 2011 10:39 CEST, masotti ha scritto:

>Hi Maurizio,
>On 31/07/2011 20:06, pmaurizio2004 wrote:
>> .... i found that setting the property of tsqldataset getmetadata to
>> false the error does not appear , but i don't think this is the right
>> solution ...
>maybe there are other solutions, but AFAIR the DBX version in Delphi 7
>can't support Firebird 2.5 for many reason.
>I know that Delphi2010 has correct DBX driver for Firebird, that is
>independent from the Interbase one but isn't supported by Delphi 7 (it's
>DBX 4.0 AFAIR).
>So the path is
>- upgrade to Delphi XE
>- pick a driver from third party source (there are quite a few).