Subject Re: [firebird-support] Above 60 G (60*1000*1000*1000) records per table for 50 byte compressed record
Author Ann Harrison
On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 3:59 AM, lmatusz <matuszewski.lukasz@...> wrote:

Stuff about blob-ids is deleted because I don't know whether that's changed
and don't remember how it worked.

> There is a decompose function which gives us line, slot and pp_sequence:
> line = static_cast<SSHORT>(value % records_per_page);
> const ULONG sequence = static_cast<ULONG>(value / records_per_page);
> slot = sequence % data_pages_per_pointer_page;
> pp_sequence = sequence / data_pages_per_pointer_page;
> What is slot and line (pp_sequence is as i assume a pointer page number) ?
> Does slot is a pointer_page::ppg_page index ?
> Does line is a data_page::dpg_rpt index ?

Yes to both. The slot is the offset on the pointer page that holds the
number of the data page and the line is the offset into the offset/length
index on the data page that describes the record.

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