Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 2.5 embedded and VirtualBox 4 Win 7 guest on Ubuntu 10.10
Author Werner F. Bruhin
On 04/24/2011 09:28 PM, Fidel Viegas wrote:
> On 23/04/11 11:40, Werner F. Bruhin wrote:
>> I am experimenting with running Windows 7 within a VirtualBox VM.
>> Have no problem with accessing a db which is in the VM's local disk.
>> The machine is also setup for dual boot, and I wonder if I can store the
>> FB database file on a device which is accessible when I run "native"
>> Windows and I can also access it when I run it in the VM.
>> I tried it with VM shared folders but I get a connection error.
>> Will also try with USB when I get that support to work within in the VM,
>> but I wondered if anyone has maybe some better solution for this.
>> Werner
> Hi Werner,
> I suppose that in order for you to access the shared folder you would
> have to create a mapped drive, because shared folders are like shared
> folders on the network. Don't know if that is going to work.
> Now, as for USB attached storage, that is possible, as I have tried it
> before. However, I advise you to follow the thread
> (
> in order to have a better understanding about the pros and cons of using
> USB attached storage.
Good morning Fidel,

Thanks for the link.

I'll probably install a FB server on another machine and just access that.