Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: limit visibility of store procedure
Author bogdan
>thanks for the reply, i want to continue to use sql procedures, not java
fucntions (or other languages).

>thanks for the suggestion, my application doesn't have an heavy db usage so
also if calling sub procedures is not optimal is not a problem (if in future
we begin to have >performance problem i will remember your suggestion :) )
We are using only stored procedures - about 1.000.000 lines of them with no
Regards, Bogdan

>i'm using fb 2.5 superclassic on windows.

>maybe what i'm asking is related to the ui application used to manage the
db (i'm using flame robin that is very simple and with few tools),
>i want only same way to group / hide procedures to better organize them, so
it will be more easy to manage them.

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