Subject Re: [firebird-support] limit visibility of store procedure
Author masotti

On 20/04/2011 15:10, ndirondello marco wrote:
> hi all, there's same way to get the equivalent of public/private methods
> of programming language as java for store procedure?

FB3, when it'll be available, should support external Java procedures,
but this is the future.
Actually nothing like that.
Workarounds maybe, but why?

> i need it to clean my databases becouse a lot of times i split big
> procedures into more simple sub procedure called inside the main
> procedure (this help to clean the code and simplify
> debugging/refactoring/etc),
> the problem is that i have a long list of procedures with a big
> percentage of them used only once inside other procedure, so i'm
> searching a way to hide or split them into logic groups.

Do you know that having procedures calling procedures is a performanca
killer? A very complex query give the optimizer a chance to choose and
keep only necessary data, while parametrized stored procs cannot be
optimized when they are called.

Anyway you don't specify which Fb version are you using, so it's hard to
tell what can you achieve.