Subject Re: Maximum number of rows in Firebird 2.1 and up (is it 1099511627776 records ?)
Author lmatusz
First of all the 32 TB limit for one table is true (32 TB = data + housing structures of data pages). It is stated in firebirdfaq (faq61):

(you are questioning this source of information ?)

Information about new ODS 11.1 was taken from

> Maybe someone who was involved in that
> change will have the numbers at hand.

Yes that would be nicest solution, to ask the source of change.

What is really bothers me is that in docs they state that they increased record enumeration limit to 40-bits (64 bits internally) and i do not see any 64 bits field or fields that will make up this enumeration (40-bit size is not mentioned in:


I think it would be nice to have same max number of records, whatever i will use 4k or 16k database page size.