Subject Re : [firebird-support] firebird password
Author Hoang-Vu PHUNG
Hi Raju,
Why do you want to protect the db design ? It is against the spirit of open source software.
The client to whom you sold the software should be able to recover or redesign the db: Think about when you are no more in business !
Forget about it, so you can sleep better. Not every one is stealing your DB design or else you can patent the DB design if you want.
Finally, remember the data in the db doesn't belong to you but to the client. You still own the application code which makes your db design usable .
If you don't agree with me then forget my advices.
Thanks and Regards,

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Objet: [firebird-support] firebird password
Date: Vendredi 15 avril 2011, 10h41


I was working on a ERP system and finally, concluded.
I used firebird as database. I created a new password for admin. created a new user and password.
I installed on a client machine, the erp.fdb file and the application.
They were using and were happy.
Now, I came to know that, one guy in the client place, stole the erp.fdb and tried several passwords and did not get it, so, he installed a firebird on his computer and copied the erp.fdb and opened it with firebird default password, and stole the entire db design.

how to protect from this kind of things.
How to make sure, that the database cannot be copied?

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