Subject Re: Could you help me with basic SELECT queries, please?
Author truewodzu
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> On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 10:46, truewodzu <truewodzu@...> wrote:
> > Thanks for your answer. But do not say me that I don't read the "documentation", cause I've read it. It spreads across numerous sources. I've read ALL common questions in the FAQ, I've read a document about migrating from MS SQL to Firebird. Not to mention about getting started PDF and number of others...
> Unfortunately you're right, the documentation is spread across
> different resources, which can make it hard to find what you're
> looking for. But as you've seen a polite answer will usually get you a
> friendly response in this group.
> > All problems solved, thanks.
> Good to hear. Feel free to ask if you need more help.

I guess you meant a polite question?;)

Anyway, I really appreciate all the answers for my question. Once again thanks:)