Subject Re: Could you help me with basic SELECT queries, please?
Author truewodzu
--- In, Doug Chamberlin <chamberlin.doug@...> wrote:
> On 4/13/11 11:50 AM, truewodzu wrote:
> > I just don't get why this SELECT statements doesn't work as they work on the MS SQL Server.
> You are running into a combination of things that together have
> increased your frustration:
> 1) MS has played fast and loose with SQL standards and you are now used
> to their extended syntax
> 2) Firebird often has less than helpful syntax error reporting
> Ann has given you a good tip. If you need a "dummy" table to use as a
> data source with one record only try RDB$Database, as in "SELECT (1+1)
> as Two from RDB$Database".

Yes Doug, you have right. After 5 years with MS SQL I don't even know what the real standard looks like...