Subject Re: [firebird-support] Restore issue
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> We have TWO servers both running FB2.5 onto which we restore a FB1.5 database daily. Both restores are OK but one of the server restore logs looks odd:
> gbak:opened file @1
> gbak:transportable backup -- data in XDR format
> gbak: backup file is compressed
> gbak:Reducing the database page size from @1 bytes to @2 bytes
> gbak:created database @1, page_size @2 bytes
> gbak:started transaction
> gbak:restoring domain @1
> gbak:restoring domain @1
> gbak:restoring domain @1
> .......
> ie - the identity of everything has gone and is replaced with "@1"

A mismatched firebird.msg version.

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