Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Is some API to get generator value?
Author Lester Caine
karolbieniaszewski wrote:
>> Are there real situations when you might need to know a generator value
>> > without using it in a transaction?
>> >
> Generator can be used for some other conditions
> 1. as database settings
> 2. as replacement for events - you can inc generator value in some conditions eg. some client interest tables are modified.
> Client read in some interval generator value if is different then previous then data should be refreshed
> 3 ..
> 4..
> i suppose more examples can other users show

But in those examples you still need a connection and a default transaction to
do any reading makes sense. I don't see any reason that there would not
generally be an open connection without some transaction being used? At least
not the way I normally work ...

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