Subject Re: Stable version to install in a critical production enviroment
Author karolbieniaszewski
--- In, "jegazarco" <jegazarco@...> wrote:
> Hello,
> We are preparing our first install of firebird in a critical production database that must run 24x7.
> We would like to know the version that is using people in the same scenario:
> * Is version 2.1.4 more stable than 2.5?
> * I have seen that there are bug fixes corrected daily in 2.5. Is the current snapshot of 2.5 safest than the version that comes out on october 2010?.
> * If using 2.5, is more stable classic or superclassic?
> Regards, Jesus


i test many versions in real environments
and i can recommend you version FB2.1.4.398 (may be recent snapshots are also stable i do not test it)
i fight with previous versions FB2.1.4 but have server crash in my scenario. This 398 version solve all my problems and servers work continuous 6 month without any problems in very high server load systems.

Karol Bieniaszewski