Subject Re: [firebird-support] Movie Label 2011 & Firebird
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:37 PM 8/04/2011, movielabel wrote:

>I am using a Windows based pc. I am running Windows XP (SP3). I downloaded a movie database program called Movie Label 2011. The program claims that you can access the programs database from other computers in the home, or even over the internet.

It's a Firebird database so - yes, you can.

> When i went to website ( the support section mentions I have to download Firebird, and provides the link.
>I downloaded the 32 bit windows 6.3mb file, which stats its good for first time users. I ran the file, but I did not see anything like a Window based ending, with options, icons, or a window. I did find in my programs listing the Firebird folder, and files, but Their does't seem to be a program to run.

No worries. Firebird is a database management server and it's running as a service on your pc unless you stopped it. You can inspect it in the Services applet under start/settings/control panel/administrative tools/services. It should confirm that the Firebird server is running. Firebird doesn't have a "front end", Developers write client applications that provide the front end that they need to engage the user with the database. Movielabel is just such an application.

The database file MUST be on the same computer where you installed Firebird.

>What I need to do is be able to connect multiple computers around the home, and the internet for that matter to the Movie Label 2011 Database stored on this computer.

I suggest that, now you have the Firebird service running, you go back to your Movie Label client program and continue the how-to steps they describe in their documentation. Any other pcs in the LAN that have the Movie Label software installed should be able to access your databases, too, by following the same instructions.

Your computer is the "network host" of the Firebird server and your databases. Query your computer's properties in My Computer to find out what the host name of your computer. (Let's say it its 'carlsbox'.) When configuring the client application (Movie Label 2011) on each of the boxes, each one (including yours) should connect to 'carlsbox:c:\datalocation\movielabel.fdb' (substituting the 'c:\datalocation\movielabel.fdb' part for the actual PHYSICAL location of the database file you made.

Tip: to make it easier for everyone, put the c:\datalocation\movielabel.fdb portion into the file aliases.conf, which is in Firebird's root with Notepad and create an alias using the example you'll see there. Save the change and it's done.

Suppose you name the alias 'movies', then the connection string for all the users can be simplified to 'carlsbox:movies'.

Should you be prompted for a username and password, you could try the username SYSDBA, password masterke