Subject Re: How to wipe a database
Author mark.ruys
--- In, Norman Dunbar <Norman@...> wrote:
> On 31/03/11 09:30, Norman Dunbar wrote:
> If you supply a database name and a backup file, you get the gbak
> version plus details about the version and ODS of the named database
> provided you have supplied a username and password, or, have defined
> ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD and you *will* get a backup. (And exit code 0).

Well I'm absolutely sure that I did not add username/password to the command line, nor defined ISC_USER/ISC_PASSWORD environment variables. All I typed was:

gbak -Z mydb-prod mydb.fdb

mydb-prod is an alias to /opt/firebird/mydb.fdb, and my current directory is /opt/firebird. This command started to generate a backup on top of the database, erased the database, and failed the backup in absence of a database.

Note that when I run

gbak mydb-prod /opt/dump/mydb.fbk

I also get a backup (the proper way). So I guess my configuration does not need a user/password?

Thank you for updating the gbak documentation. I'm pretty sure I would not try the gbak -Z anymore to get a version ID if I had read the newly added warning.