Subject Re: [firebird-support] Read-Only View
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> At 10:08 PM 25/03/2011, Peter Gore wrote:
>> Thanks for your input so far. But my point is that, according to the
>> Firebird Book (my bible) states on page 493, that a view will be
>> read-only if its SELECT statement has any of the following
>> characteristics:
>> * Specifies a row quantifier other than ALL ....
>> * Contains fields defined by subqueries or other expressions
>> * Contains Fields defined by aggregating functions....
>> * Includes UNION ....
>> * Joins multiple tables
>> * Does not include all NOT NULL columns from....
>> * Selects from a non-updateable view.
>> My query has none of the above characteristics so I would expect it to
>> be naturally updateable. I therefore assume this is a bug (which I have
>> already entered into the tracker)
> At the time the book was written (v.1.5), ORDER BY was not valid in a view definition. Since then, somewhere, it has crept in undocumented. Ann has pointed out that it entered the SQL standard at some point.

Searched for that information as well. It's included in the Firebird 2.1
release notes on p. 41 "Extensions to CREATE VIEW Specification".

> I would expect a view containing ORDER BY to be not naturally updatable, since an ordered set is not a natural set.
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