Subject Re: [firebird-support] Serial number in a query result
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Is there a sql function or any workaround to display a serial number
> along with other columns (with sql query)?
> for example,
> SrNo Name Phone
> 1 Abc 9848382
> 2 cde 5837273
> 3 efg 5478457
> I searched through the net and found MS Sql server has something like this
> select ROW_NUMBER()OVER(ORDERBY ColumnName1) AsSrNo
> I just want to know whether anything like this is available in firebird.

Window functions including the OVER clause etc. will be supported in
Firebird 3. I think the only way to do this currently is to write a
selectable stored procedure. Perhaps some tricky RDB$GET_CONTEXT /
RDB$SET_CONTEXT mix can simulate this too.

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