Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Oldest transaction far behind...
Author Ann Harrison
Hi Norman,

> You need to consider the difference between the Oldest Interesting
> Transaction (OIT) and the Oldest Active Transaction (OAT). If the
> difference between those two is greater than the sweep interval, the
> sweep will automatically run and clear "garbage" from the database.

Unless, of course, the sweep interval is 0, or the transaction is in

> PS. I wrote the gstat manual! Happy to make changes if you think the
> wording is incorrect, but I think it actually makes sense, however I'm a
> native English speaker while you may not be.

Not having had the sense to be born on that sceptered isle, I can't claim
to be a native speaker, but perhaps a cross-reference in the gstat documentation
of how to deal with a limbo transaction might be good.