Subject Re: [firebird-support] indizes question
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> actually I’m using firebird 2.1 cs. One procedure took a long time to
> execute and the speed analyzer shows me the problem. One non-indexed field
> is the reason. I created the index, but the performance did not improve.
> Only after I compiled the stored procedure and some triggers again, the new
> index will be used.
> I create the database objects with EMS Interbase Manager.
> What can be the reason?

Did you commit the index creation? If yes, then I guess its related to
metadata caching of the procedure and trigger executable code for
existing connections. Re-connect should do the trick as well. Also new
connections will see the changes too.

> A second Question.
> My ms access front-end connects to odbc. I open my access-application. If I
> change some triggers in firebird, my application do as if nothing has
> changed! I have just the old functionality. Only it works fine after I have
> restart the front-end application (ms access). Then the updated trigger will
> be used.
> Have you any ideas?

Again, metadata caching or even transaction related? How does
transaction management work with Access and the ODBC driver?

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