Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird SQL extract to XML: Possible?
Author Lester Caine
Sarah wrote:
> I am working with a customer on a project where I need to map their Firebird database data to an xml schema (from another organization) so it can be imported into another database.
> I've been trying to figure out how Firebird data can be exported to XML and have been striking out. Ideally I'd be able to write the SQL extract to produce XML that is perfectly formatted for what I need like I've been able to do with Oracle and MSSQL Server; however, if I can get it in any form of XML I'll be happy. I can then transform it using XSLT if necessary.

I'm having to do something similar, but the actual 'demand' for XML has been
diminishing since it is not the ideal mechanism in many cases. A simple CSV dump
is much more readily handled cross database, and much of the data that I was
being supplied as XML has dropped back to simple CSV formats. In many cases,
Flamerobin provides the dumps that I need without any heavyweight work.

I'm using PHP to handle all of the user interfacing, and that has some very
useful tools for handling both CSV and XML as well as being able to talk
directly to most of the databases, so the question that has already been asked
is relevant. Is this a one time export, in which case is it really necessary to
handle it as XML. If this is a process that is to continue, then a more XML
friendly interface via something like PHP is probably more practical.

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