Subject Re: Firebird Stored Procedure syntax - rejecting ;
Author grip_2ls
Thanks Woody but the SQL works fine and gives me what I want - I already tested it and validated it before tyring to put it into a stored procedure. The issue is the syntax of the stored procedure.


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> > Hi Thomas
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> > Thanks for the quick response.
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> > Unfortunately this doesn't work. I now get "Token unknown - line 37,
> > column 1" which is the INTO line.
> >
> Not sure but you should use HAVING clause, not WHERE clause when doing
> aggregate queries. The best way, IMO, to test these things is to use a
> visual query builder like IBO Admin or something like it to get the query
> right first. Once you have it right, then just wrap it with FOR and INTO and
> put it in the procedure and it should work fine, in most cases.
> Woody (TMW)