Subject Re: Oldest snapshot never moves slowing system down dramatically!
Author karolbieniaszewski
--- In, "robert.gilland" <robert.gilland@...> wrote:
> I am using Firebird 2.1.3
> I seem to be doing every thing correctly.
> Start transaction then commit it.
> But the oldest snapshot transaction never moves and after not long the system slows down dramatically what can I do?

Please put more info
what do you mean "oldest snapshot transaction never moves"?
and what slow down - Firebird or OS?

if firebird slow down
Print gfix -h
you will see oldest active transaction and next transaction
if difference is big then you have long running transaction

you can also do
to see what transaction are still running.
and check what attachement it is in MON$Attachements

Karol Bieniaszewski